People close to volcanic areas,have known Rockwool since a long time.They observed fiber being formed by air hitting the lava.

Rockwool fibers are produced from natural volcanic rocks,which are melted in special furnaces at a temperature of more than 15000 and are then spun to fine fibers characterized by their flexibilty and high temperature resistance. The fibers are collected and processed on production lines to form the different shapes of Rockwool,mainly boards,Felts,Mattress,Blankets quilted mattress,loose fibers and pipe coverings.Each of which is produced in different thickness and densities. Rockwool is a highly efficient insulation and used in most of the known applications requiring thermal, acoustic or fire insulation, thanks to its very low thermal conductivity, very high melting temperature and its open cell structure.

Rockwool is considered as a high performance material in the thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and fire resistance applications.



Low thermal conductivity

Excellent sound insulation

High sound absorption

None combustible material

Doesn’t absorb moisture or water

Corrosion resistant

No aging effect

No health hazard

Environment friendly

Biologically inert

Compatible with building

Light weight,easy to
handle and install


  • Construction insulation
  • HD Board
  • HD Blanket
  • HD roof slab
  • Cavity wall panel
  • Mechanical insulation
  • Industrial insulation