Advantages of Hanex® Solid Surfaces

Rich colors and Textures, Superior Function and Form.
Discover the many unique benefits of Hanex® Solid Surfaces.
The only limitation of Hanex® is your imagination.

Unlimited Flexibility

Hanex® Solid Surfaces are crafted from a unique blend of 100% acrylic resins and natural materials, so sheets can be cut, shaped and formed into an unlimited range of designs. Your design need only be limited by your imagination.

Easy Maintanance/Repairs

Unlike other surfaces materials, Hanex® is non-porous and solid throughout the entire material.
These features make Hanex® virtually maintanance free and repairable.

Durability – Stain Resistance Report

Hanex® is an acrylic solid surfaces with a high level of alumina trihydrate content as the filter, an ingredient which provides superior resistance to stains and chemicals. However, exposure to harsh chemicals should be avoided. In case of surface contamination, quickly flush affected area with a domestic gritty cleaner and water. Sand if necessary, as a rule of thumb, surface damage may vary with the chemical strength and exposure time.

Thermal Stability

Hanex® resists changes in color and shape when heat is applied to the material from an outside source, including direct and indirect heat source. Hanex® has been tested in the following thermal categories:

  • Heat Resistance
  • Hot Water Resistance
  • Weatherability
  • UV Stability

NSF51 Certification

This Standerd is applicable to the materials and finishes used in the manufacture of food equipment (e.g., beverage dispenser, cutting board, work surfaces. Etc). Hanex® is certified by the National Sanitation for Food Safety and Food Contact under NSF Certification.

GreenGuard Certification

Indoor Air Quality Certification ensures that products meet indoor air quality pollutant quidelines/standards. Hanex® is certified for GreenGuard indoor Air Quality and for Children & Schools.

Fire Certification EN13501-1b

This is the European Fire classification relating to all construction products, including products incorporated within building elements. Products are considered in relation to their end use application. Hanex® achieves EN13501-1b which is comparable to BS476 Class 0.

Eco-Friendly – SCS (Scientific Certification System) certified

These certificates relate to recycled chips in use in some of our material.